How to choose the best harness or collar for your dog

There are so many types of harnesses and collars out in the market, trying to choose can be confusing or even overwhelming

I have provided a list of collars and harnesses to help you decide which type is the right one for your dog.

1) The Flat-buckle collar. This collar is the most basic-a plain collar that snaps or buckles closed. This type is commonly used to hold your dog’s id and rabies tags. This one is a good option for those that aren’t prone to slipping out of their collar and walk nicely on a leash.

2) The Martingale collar. This type of collar allows for limited slippage-it tightens around your dog’s neck when there is tension on the leash, it can only tighten as much as the adjustment allows. This helps to protect against their throat from being damaged. The Martingale collar is great for dogs that are inclined to backing out of their collars.

3) The Body Harness. This type of harness is a popular choice for small breeds although can be used for any sized breed. A body harness prevents potential damage to their throat if your dog pulls. A body harness can offer more control than a plain standard collar.

4) The Front-hook harness. This type of harness looks like the standard body harness, it has a ring situated on the front of the dog’s chest, when your dog pulls, it gives you leverage.

5) Head halter. This tool was inspired by a horse’s halter. It allows the walker to have the most control-it allows you to control your dog’s head. The head halter is a good choice for very large dogs that pull.

It also gives you leverage, but requires less strength from the handler.