How to get your picky dog to eat their dog food and create a healthy meal plan.

If you give your dog table scraps and or treats in place of their food, it’s no wonder why they won’t eat their plain dog food.

Don’t worry it’s not too late to turn your picky eater into eating healthier.

*I would like to add, there are certain breeds of dogs that are more pickier than others such as Malteses, Dachshunds, Boston Terriers,to name a few.

Here are some tips for encouraging healthy eating habits.

Tip 1: Start Early

Come up with a feeding plan and make sure all family members stick to the same plan. If you want to add people food, add healthy options such as green beans which are low in fat

Tip 2 : Don’t feed them from the dinner table

Giving your dogs table scraps will cause your dog to abstain from eating their dry or canned food and hold out for more salivating options. It can also cause serious digestive issues such as pancreatitis. Too much variety or changes to their diet can cause diarrhea.

In addition, it reinforces inappropriate behavior such as begging.

Tip 3: Keep dog food and people food separate

Dogs should not be able to associate your food with their food. You have to keep them completely separate or they will think they can eat both their food and people food. They should only eat out of their bowl or plate. They should also not see food coming from your plate or from something you are preparing for yourself.

Tip 4: Stick to a feeding schedule

Puppies generally need to be fed 2 to 3 times a day or you can ask your vet on what they recommend. As your puppy matures, gradually increase the volume while decreasing the frequency. Your adult dog should be fed once or twice a day without leaving the food out more than a short period of time. To ensure equal portions for each time you feed your dog, use a measuring cup. If you choose to add healthy people food, mix it into their kibble

Consistency is key when you are creating a schedule and a healthy meal plan for your dog.