How to give your cat liquid medication

Before giving the medication, carefully read the label. Understanding the dosing instructions is crucial, if you don’t understand, call your veterinarian.

Gently mix the liquid medication before drawing it into the syringe.

If you prepare an area to safely handle your cat, have the medication where you can get to it easily and quickly, and have the proper restraint and possibly another person to help you, the process can go smoothly.

If you are giving the medication by yourself, it would be best to wrap your cat in a blanket or towel with only it’s head being exposed.

Place the tip of the syringe in the mouth just behind one of the canine teeth (“fangs”) advance the tip so that it is in the slight gap between the canine teeth (“fangs”) and the pre-molars behind the canine tooth.

Be sure to angle the syringe slightly to the side so the tip deposits the medication on the tongue. You want to slowly squeeze the syringe, not forcefully inject it.

**Injecting it forcefully can increase the risk of your cat inhaling or aspirating the liquid into it’s lungs.

**If your cat spits out some of the medication, DO NOT RE-MEDICATE unless you are absolutely certain none of it was swallowed. Try again when it is time to give their medication again, it should say on your cat’s prescription bottle.

Praise your cat throughout the process and offer a special treat after giving the medication so that next time it will make it a more positive experience and may make it easier to give the medication.